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New Connecticut CPAs!
CPAs All in the Family
New CPA Thomas Wood (left) with his father
Thomas Wood, a CTCPA past secretary and
New CPA Anne Comer (right) with her husband,
CTCPA member Thomas Comer.
New CPA Megan Heaphy (left) with her father,
CTCPA member Ronald Heaphy.
State Board of Accountancy Staff Attorney Sonia
Asare (left) and CTCPA President Noelle Taddei
enjoy the evening's festivities.
On January 10, 2013, members of the State Board of Accountancy and CTCPA staff and leaders gathered at the
Aqua Turf Club in Plantsville to celebrate Connecticut's newest CPAs.
Taulant Baci
Anne M. Comer
Michelle Fontaine
Megan Heaphy
Linda C. Herman
Gregg Lionetti
Casey O'Brien
Caitlin Powers
Colin Rosenberg
Michael Schneider
Aaron M. Tate
Brian L. Trueman
Thomas M. Wood
Xiufen Wu
Heather Young
Richard A. Yuris
Connecticut CPA
March/April 2013