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Book Review:
The Inside Track to Careers in Accounting
Reviewed by Jill Brightman, CSCPA Student Relations Specialist
ublished by the American Institute of Certified Public
Accountants (AICPA), The Inside Track to Careers in
by Stan Ross, CPA and James Carberry strives
to, in Ross' own words, "assist students in deciding whether
they might want to pursue careers in accounting, and to assist
students who have decided on accounting as a career but
may not be aware of all the career paths in the profession."
On both of these charges, Ross suc-
ceeds by providing a wealth of informa-
tion that not only covers the myriad
career options for CPAs but also dis-
cusses a brief history of the profession,
some of its current issues and con-
cerns (increasing diversity, work/life
balance, staffing, and Ph.D. faculty
shortages), accounting terminology,
the CPA Exam, the licensing and certi-
fication process, career choice consid-
erations, and much more.
Interspersed with the facts and figures,
Ross neatly ties in his own experiences
with whimsical anecdotes of his career
journey as well as more than 50 short
interviews with CPAs from all over the
country that represent a firsthand
account of the various career paths a
CPA can pursue.
The majority of The Inside Track to
Careers in Accounting
presents an
extremely detailed and comprehensive
look at the different career paths in
accounting ­public, corporate, govern-
ment, nonprofit, sole proprietorships,
and academia ­ by speaking directly to
students and recent graduates about
the pros and cons of each environment,
the different job titles and levels of
responsibility, salaries, job market, use-
ful skill sets, and educational and
licensing requirements and how to fulfill
them. In doing so, Ross enables the
readers (presumably students) to get a
full picture of each of these different
opportunities in a factual and straight-
forward manner.
Furthermore, the interviews of
accomplished accounting profession-
als (also contained within an accom-
panying CD of full transcripts of each
interviewee) that follow each chapter
provide the reader with personal
insights into the diverse world of
CPAs and career advice on how to
reach professional goals.
This book can be considered a valu-
able resource for educators and
career service personnel at both the
high school and college levels.
Besides the wealth of information on
the CPA career path and how to get
started, each chapter includes a
"wrap-up" that highlights what has
been learned in each section and a
user-friendly glossary of terms that
make the book a useful teaching tool
for secondary and post-secondary
educators and students.
The Inside Track to Careers in
can be purchased at the
AICPA store at
Type the book's title or its product num-
ber (090540) into the keyword search
box at the top of the webpage. The
cost is $59 for AICPA members and
$73.75 for non-AICPA members.
The Inside Track to Careers in Accounting.
Ross, Stan and Carberry, James. New
York, NY: American Institute of Certified
Public Accountants, Inc., 2010. 364 pages.