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Kirsten Piechota, Managing Editor
Forensics and
Media Favorites
Anyone who's spent more than a few minutes in a room
with CSCPA board member Steve Pedneault knows he's
an interesting guy. As a forensic accountant, Steve
always has a story to share about a shocking fraud or
embezzlement scheme making headlines or a tip on how
to protect yourself from the latest financial scam.
So when Steve spoke up in a recent Advisory Council
meeting to share his excitement over forensic scientist
Dr. Henry Lee's upcoming presentation at The Essential
Event: The 2011 CSCPA Annual Meeting, I took note.
"I've been following Dr. Lee since I was 14 years old,"
Steve said. "His presentations have been some of the
best I have ever attended."
"Dr. Lee speaks all over the world," Steve continued, "and even though he's based in
Connecticut, his public speaking engagements here are few and far between. I see him every
time I can, and I absolutely suggest you all do, too."
Dr. Lee will be speaking to us about lessons he's learned from some of his most famous inves-
tigations. He's been involved in cases ranging from the O.J . Simpson murder trial to the sui-
cide of White House Counsel Vincent Foster, the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey, and the rein-
vestigation of the Kennedy assassination. There was even one case he solved without a body.
The Essential Event will also feature Connecticut media favorites Laurence Cohen of The
Hartford Courant and the Hartford Business Journal and Colin McEnroe of Connecticut Public
Radio and The Hartford Courant as they go head-to-head from the left and right on issues fac-
ing our state these days.
You'll also get a great Aqua Turf Club sit-down lunch (with your choice of three entrees!), a
chance to catch up with old colleagues and meet new ones, and a brief business meeting
where we'll elect and welcome the newest CSCPA leadership. You'll earn three hours of CPE
credit while you're at it. Who could ask for more?
Ready to reserve your spot? Go to!
See you next issue.