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CSCPA Pledge and New and Young Professionals Cabinet Member
Joanna Purtell
Belchertown, Massachusetts
Job Title/Place of Work:
Senior Associate, Assurance & Advisory
Services at Fiondella, Milone & LaSaracina, LLP.
The book currently on my nightstand is:
my Becker CPA materials.
My favorite television show is:
Grey's Anatomy.
My all-time favorite movie is:
The Notebook.
The best vacation I ever took was:
a Grand Cayman vacation in 2009.
If I could have dinner with any celebrity, living or dead, I would choose:
Hillary Clinton.
If I weren't a CPA, I would be a:
Something people would be surprised to know about me is:
I love to play soccer.
I have played soccer since grade school.
What I love most about Connecticut is:
all of the different types of restaurants.
What I love most about being a CPA is:
meeting new people and having the ability to help
them with whatever their needs may be.
So far, the highlight of my career has been:
my promotion to senior associate.
The best advice I ever received was:
"don't sweat the small stuff."
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