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CAAS Corner
By Jack Collins, Executive Director
Community Accounting Aid & Services, Inc.
965 East Main Street
Meriden, CT 06450-6006
Phone: 203-235-2333, ext. 7146
Community Accounting Aid & Services, Inc. (CAAS) was
formed as a not-for-profit corporation in 1974 as an exten-
sion of the Community Services Committee of the CSCPA.
Its mission is to provide a source of accounting assistance
for economically disadvantaged individuals, businesses,
and small not-for-profit organizations throughout the state.
Volunteer CPAs assist individuals who qualify for CAAS
help and are not currently being served by an accountant.
Often, a CPA refers people to CAAS. CAAS also gets client
referrals from organizations that deal with small businesses
and the Quinnipiac University and University of Connecticut
Law School low-income tax clinics for resolution of open
IRS issues.
To qualify for CAAS help, individuals must have an annual
net income of less than $25,000. Couples must have
income of less than $30,000, families of three, less than
$35,000, and families of four or more, less than $40,000.
For direct assistance, not-for-profit organizations must have
an annual budget of less than $100,000. CAAS clients are
generally very small service organizations and retail busi-
nesses within our local communities.
CPA volunteers also instruct in adult education programs in
several communities for new and existing business owners.
CAAS has begun an association with the Community
Economic Development Fund to present courses on
accounting, financial management (including QuickBooks),
and business taxes. CAAS also conducts seminars on
accounting, internal controls, and financial management for
not-for-profit organizations when requested. We also pro-
vide assistance to not-for-profit organizations in their search
for accountants to serve on their boards of directors.
CAAS works with community service organizations to con-
duct tax return preparation clinics for low-income individuals
in several communities. Many individuals qualify for the
earned income tax credit and receive significant refunds,
thanks to the work of our volunteers.
If you would like to help, please contact CAAS.
What is CAAS?