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Congratulations, New Connecticut CPAs!
Mark Casali, CPA
Debra Davidowsky, CPA
James Dayton, CPA
Murat Akcay, CPA
Julien Bernier, CPA
Stacey Harriott, CPA
Alan Horowitz, CPA
Michael Laferriere, CPA
George Donaldson, CPA
Rosa Epperson, CPA
Marla Lewis, CPA
Theodore Lucas, CPA
Stefanie McCoy, CPA
Kristi Laprade, CPA
Jennifer Laydon, CPA
On January 12, Connecticut's newest CPAs were welcomed into the profession by CSCPA leaders and members of the
State Board of Accountancy at a reception in their honor at the Aqua Turf Club in Plantsville. Congratulations to the follow-
ing who were presented with their CPA certificates:
Laura Paulekas, CPA
Lany Pfeifer, CPA
Lana Pomeroy, CPA
Katie Montgomery, CPA
Malvern Ngoh, CPA
Nancy Ryder, CPA
Rachele Sarro, CPA
Madelyn Sartor, CPA
Robert Rejnin, CPA
Brian Roche, CPA
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