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Would We,
Could We Change?
At January's Advisory Council meeting, I sat along-
side Advisory Council members, Board of Directors
members, and CSCPA staff as
Dawn Barson
, creative
director of New Haven's Think Creative Group, stood
before the group, PowerPoint remote clicker in hand,
ready to unveil her firm's proposed redesign of the
CSCPA logo. The Society's current logo has been in
use for almost 30 years. How would Society leader-
ship react to the idea of a new logo, I wondered? We
were about to find out.
"OK, here goes," Dawn said as she flipped the slide and stood back to wait for the group's
reaction. For a few moments there was silence. Then people started to speak up. "I think
it will be a nice transition," Not-for-Profit Organizations Committee Chair Linda Dahlmeyer
said. "It's modern for today's environment, but still demonstrates a connection to the orig-
inal vision of the Society our `forefathers' created." Member-at-Large Mike Hanlon added,
"It clearly shows who we are and what we do." Mission accomplished.
Think Creative Group has been retained to work alongside CSCPA staff in a Society-
wide rebranding effort. We're taking a top-down approach, evaluating what's working
well and what could use a refresh, as we continue to grow and move forward in today's
modern environment.
In April, we'll unveil a number of changes. In addition to a fresh new logo, we'll be launch-
ing a redesign of the CSCPA website. The new site will feature a sleek look and feel with
simplified navigation, easier-to-use course registration, a streamlined membership applica-
tion, and more.
Connecticut CPA is also getting in on the action. Starting with the next issue, we'll have a
new nameplate and will print in full color throughout. [Shameless promotion: Want to reach
almost 6,000 CPAs? See
for our new color advertising rates!].
To learn about the origins of the rebranding project and see how CSCPA's logo has
changed throughout the years, check out Publisher Mark Zampino's story on page 10.
See you next issue, when we'll be unveiling our new logo, new Connecticut CPA design,
and more!
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Kirsten Piechota, Managing Editor