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`Remember Me?'
Survey: Job Seekers Should Follow
Up on Resumes Within Two Weeks
ob seekers who are hesitant to contact a prospective
employer after submitting that resume shouldn't be, an
Accountemps survey suggests. Eight in 10 senior man-
agers (81 percent) interviewed encouraged candidates to
follow up within two weeks of applying for a job. Only one
percent of respondents said applicants should not check in
with the hiring manager.
The survey was developed by Accountemps, the world's
first and largest specialized staffing service for temporary
accounting, finance, and bookkeeping professionals. It was
conducted by an independent research firm and is based on
telephone interviews with more than 1,000 senior managers
at companies with 20 or more employees.
Executives were asked, "How long should a job seeker wait
to follow up with the hiring manager after submitting a
resume?" Their responses:
One week or less
One to two weeks
Two to three weeks
Three weeks or more
Don't follow up
"Employers value initiative and enthusiasm, and candidates
show both when they take the extra step of following up after
applying for a job," said Max Messmer, chairman of
Accountemps. "But how you contact a hiring manager is
important be polite and respectful, and explain in specific
terms why you feel you are the best match for the position."
Accountemps answers three common questions about
following up with hiring managers:
1. How should I get in touch with the employer? Both
email and phone are acceptable. An email can be a great
tool for reminding hiring managers that you've applied for a
job without seeming too pushy.
2. What should I say? Express your interest in the position
and reiterate why you think you'd be a good fit for the organ-
ization. Cite specific professional accomplishments and in-
demand skills you possess related to the job. The key is to
highlight your qualifications and not simply ask whether the
manager received your resume.
3. How frequently should I follow up? Persistence is
good, but being a pest isn't. Don't follow up more than twice.
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