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[Melancon]: The role of the manage-
ment accountant is frequently underes-
timated; it is much more than a simple
accounting commodity. Management
accountants can be found at every
level of an organization and are at the
center of a forward-looking discipline
combining both accounting and busi-
ness expertise. The CGMA is a single
designation that benefits large and
small, public and private employers
across the globe. Business owners and
decision makers will confidently recog-
nize the CPA-CGMA designation-hold-
er as a highly skilled business strate-
gist, who can be trusted to guide criti-
cal business decisions and drive strong
and sustainable performance any-
where in the world.
What is your vision of the future and
what does success look like?
[Melancon]: We say the CPA is the
trusted business advisor, and 50 per-
cent of the CPA population works in
business, industry, and government.
Some of them are in the C-suite, but
even if they're not, a very important
aspect of their skill set is being at the
decision-making table. We see a group
of people who bring trusted information
and thinking into that process. The
future is you the trusted business
strategist being recognized for your
ability to critically look at opportunities
and think differently and broadly, and
bringing the discipline, ethics, commit-
ment, and competencies to that deci-
sion-making table.
[Tilley]: Success means widespread
recognition of the value of management
accounting. So many organizations
have made poor decisions, mainly
through a lack of information, analysis,
or proper thought. Management
accounting ensures that external and
internal data are complete and properly
analyzed, ensuring that management
and the boards can make decisions
based upon a complete set of informa-
tion. We envision more organizations,
both in the private and in the public sec-
tor, recognizing the value of manage-
ment accounting, and what it brings to
the quality of their decision-making and
of their governance and oversight. As a
benefit of the CGMA, the world will
have better-run organizations in both
the private and the public sector.
The CGMA is available to qualify-
ing AICPA members. Members of
the Connecticut Society of CPAs
who are also members of the
AICPA can save $50 off the annual
CGMA registration fee. For more
information about the CGMA, visit
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CGMA Designation
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