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What would you say to both CIMA
members and CPAs in management
accounting about why they should
pursue the CGMA designation?
[Tilley]: When you have the CGMA
designation, you are telling your
employer and others that you under-
stand the language of business from
multiple perspectives and know how to
connect the dots like no other financial
professional. For those of us else-
where in the accounting world, we
know that as a U.S. CPA you will have
committed to developing and maintain-
ing your skills, your ethical standards,
and your integrity. The CGMA will
expand these to include the additional
and specialized skills and standards
you need in business, industry, and
government and will show that you are
an experienced business partner who
can help drive organizational success.
[Melancon]: We envision the CGMA as
a new type of designation that remains
focused on a constantly changing
world. Demographers tell us that
young professionals, particularly in
developed economies, will have multi-
ple careers and different opportunities
in their lives.
For some, it will be physical relocation
and for others, changes in job classifi-
cation. For our young professionals
now in business, industry, or govern-
ment, or who start their careers in pub-
lic practice, this is a designation that
will evolve with them throughout their
professional lives, creating value for
members and their employers and, ulti-
mately, creating value for the people
who use the services CGMAs provide.
For CPAs in business and industry who
for years have asked for additional
support in underscoring their value and
contribution in the business world,
this designation and its associated
resources are long-sought solutions.
How will businesses benefit from
the CGMA?
[Tilley]: These days, it doesn't matter if
yours is the smallest organization in
the world, you can still be selling any-
where else in the world through the
Internet. As a result, global standards
and principles are really important.
Through CGMA, we're offering global
recognition of a standard of manage-
ment accounting, a standard of our
members' skills and expertise. A num-
ber of CIMA case studies make it clear
that this is what employers want. For
example, Shell wants a global standard
so that when they move their manage-
ment accountants around the world,
they know those people have the same
skills and standards. The CGMA
proposition includes a virtual network
where people can share problems and
issues. The best people to answer your
problems are people who have done
the same thing and have managed to
crack that particular problem.
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