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The CGMA is a new global designation
that recognizes CPAs working in a
range of management accounting roles
in businesses, industries, and govern-
ments worldwide. Those with the new
designation play a critical role in
helping organizations of all sizes
achieve sustainable business success.
Management accountants, in today's
ever-more complex business environ-
ment, have greatly expanded their roles
as business partners and must have
the ability to synthesize and interpret a
wide range of non-financial and finan-
cial information.
The CGMA signals to employers that
the designee has built upon core finan-
cial expertise and business acumen
and is committed to continually devel-
oping his or her management account-
ing competencies.
AICPA President and CEO Barry
Chief Executive Charles Tilley,
FCMA, CGMA a former London part-
ner of KPMG and Group Finance
Director of investment banks Hambros
PLC and Granville Baird discuss the
new designation, its development, and
the role of management accountants in
the following interview.
Why have the AICPA and CIMA
created the CGMA designation?
[Barry C. Melancon]: Combining the
AICPA's expertise with CIMA's more
than 90 years of management account-
ing leadership is an effective way to
create value for our members. For our
140,000-plus members who work in
business, industry, and government,
the CGMA will complement their U.S.
CPA and will elevate their value to their
employers. The CGMA is poised to be
the global designation for management
accounting, and this joint venture with
CIMA further enhances the position of
the U.S. CPA as a worldwide leader.
[Charles Tilley]: We are here to help
people and organizations be success-
ful by creating a global standard for
management accountants. At the
same time, we're bringing our
resources together our intellectual
property and our people and I'm
quite convinced that one plus one will
equal more than two. What we're
doing is we're bringing together two
large communities of people CIMA'S
183,000 members and students and
the AICPA's collective 370,000 mem-
bers together, we are more than half
a million professionals focused upon
driving successful organizations.
AICPA members are particularly
interested in the AICPA's advocacy
efforts. Can you talk about how
advocacy plays into the AICPA-
CIMA joint venture?
[Melancon]: The AICPA and the state
CPA societies have been extraordinar-
ily effective in influencing legislation on
both the state and federal levels. We
want to extend our impact even fur-
ther. Increasingly, international rule-
makers and regulators have an indirect
impact on the U.S. This was most
recently evidenced by the PCAOB's
concept release which, if adopted,
would mandate auditor rotation. That
issue was also raised last year by the
European Commission.
In such areas and so much more, the
U.S. CPA will benefit by the joint ven-
ture leveraging AICPA's and CIMA's
combined global footprint to advocate
for and on behalf of the U.S. CPA any-
where in the world as well as key pub-
lic interest issues. Through the com-
bined voice of the world's two leading
accountancy organizations, we will
have a very important voice on the
global stage to proactively address the
critical issues for our profession and
the public.
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Creating a New Worldwide
Designation to Meet the
Challenges of Global Business
A Q&A with Barry C. Melancon, CPA, CGMA
and Charles Tilley, FCMA, CGMA
A new designation, the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA), was
launched around the world on January 31, 2012 through a joint venture of the American
Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).