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Society to Introduce New Logo, Website, More
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`Back to the Future'
So, I've set the table to serve up some
exciting changes in our CSCPA brand,
including our logo, our website, our
magazine, and more.
We think you'll like them as much as
we do.
As we say in publishing, "Watch this
space ..." and bon appétit!
Mark Zampino is the
CSCPA public affairs
director and publisher
of Connecticut CPA.
He is an adjunct
professor of commu-
University of Hartford, where he teach-
Professional Communications." He
also offers in-house CPE seminars to
CPA firms through the CSCPA on
business communication and public
speaking. He can be reached at or 860-258-0212.
The blocks have served us well for nearly three decades, but a brand and its logo must remain contemporary and
relevant. For example, take a look at how our membership publication has evolved through the years:
Membership Publication ...
The Connecticut CPA (April 1944)
CSCPA Newsletter (November 1978)
CSCPA Newsletter (November 2003)
Connecticut CPA (January/February 2012)
The CSCPA Newsletter (April 30, 1962)
The CSCPA Newsletter (November 1972)