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Nine CPAs formed the CSCPA at New Haven's Union
League Club in 1908. These gentlemen directed that our
first branding effort comprise the words "The Connecticut
Society of Certified Public Accountants" in Olde English
Script, as well as a circular seal with the same language in
a sans serif, all-uppercase typeface with "CONNECTICUT
C.P.A." across the center. No doubt the use of the staid
Olde English did indeed convey stature, professionalism,
and permanence from the inception of this logo until the
Society leadership opted to replace it in the early 1970s,
ushering us into the "Yesterday" era.
Yesteryear ...
In 1972, New Haven CPA Earle Jacobs took office as
Society president. Discussions of the Society's branding
and logo came to the fore, and Jacobs, a practical man,
said he admired the logo of the American Institute of
CPAs, "So," Jacobs posed, "why not just make our logo
look like theirs?" No one disagreed (including the AICPA),
so starting that year, our logo looked exactly like the
AICPA's, save for the first two letters.
The year 1983 marked the Society's 75
Anniversary. We
created a special "twist" of the existing logo to incorporate
Anniversary" and used this variation until June 1984,
the end of that celebratory year.
Yesterday ...
At that point, the Society introduced what became known as
the "blocks" logo, created by Hartford graphic design artist
John Alves. Alves drew his inspiration in part from the
"columnar" sheets used by accountants, noting that the con-
vergence of the "bars" in the direction of the upper righthand
corner symbolized upward progression and direction, while
the bars signified strength through unity given their straight
and strong intersections.
The original appeared in either solid black, or in a gradation
thereof (gray) ... good, conservative business shades, espe-
cially if you're selecting a suit. Later, the letters "CS" and
"CPA" appeared in green, and the blocks in blue, the colors
of Earth and water.
Today ...
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