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Big Changes
Are Coming to CSCPA!
Society to Introduce New Logo, Website, More
By Mark Zampino, Publisher
rguably, an organization's most
valuable asset is the sum of all
its parts: its brand.
A brand comprises many elements, the
most visible of which appears in the
form of that organization's logo.
Whether displayed as the hood orna-
ment on a German luxury sedan or a
golden arch on the side of a restaurant,
a logo provides an instantaneous
snapshot of an individual's collective
experiences with a product, service, or
The CSCPA is poised to introduce a
new logo at the same time we unveil a
"reskinning" of our website and other
exciting brand enhancements. The
decision to update the logo, as it is said,
"was not made lightly," although at the
same time, we realized our logo dated
back to 1984. During those three
decades, you have certainly changed
the way you do business, and we, too,
have changed in the way we deliver
Advocacy, Community, and Education
("ACE") to Connecticut's professional
accounting community.
`Stature, Professionalism,
More than a year ago, the CSCPA staff
formed a task force to consider the
development of a new logo. This task
force quickly agreed that a new logo
must continue to convey stature, pro-
fessionalism, and permanence, while
at the same time project a contempo-
rary presence. The logo must also con-
jure and evoke a sense of favorable
brand association, i.e., elicit a quick
and positive sense among members of
their personal CSCPA experiences.
The task force further agreed that the
current logo would remain in place
unless they enthusiastically, immedi-
ately, and unanimously agreed on one
of the proposed new designs. The task
force asked the firm performing the
reskinning of the website, Think
Creative Group of New Haven, to
develop a new logo for the CSCPA
based on tenets mentioned above.
The task force did indeed agree enthu-
siastically, immediately, and unani-
mously on one of Think Creative's sub-
missions, and you will see that selec-
tion very soon on all Society materials.
But first, we thought it would be fun to
revisit the three distinct "eras" of the
CSCPA logo ... so climb aboard the
time machine and travel back with me
as we briefly examine each era of
"Yesterday," and "Today" ... and then
in next month's Connecticut CPA, we
shall return "back to the future" and
present our new logo!