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TCPA leadership and staff took
the first steps in our new strate-
gic plan development initiative
at the November Advisory Council and
Board of Directors meetings. Special
thanks to Board of Directors member
Marie Benedetto of Marie Benedetto,
CPA, Innovative Business Solutions
and member Carl Johnson of CRJ
Consulting for volunteering to spear-
head this major project.
As a first step, Marie and Carl led Ad-
visory Council and Board members
through a SWOT (strengths, weakness-
es, opportunities, threats) analysis.
A number of members have volunteered
to serve on a dedicated Strategic Plan
Task Force, which will begin meeting
in January as part of the 12-18-month
project to craft a new strategic vision
for the CTCPA.
of organizations have
blockchain in production.
plan to do so in the
next year.
Source: Deloitte
By the
Workplace and Professional Trends
CPAs can earn
$1,000,000 more than
non-CPAs over the course
of a 40-year career.
Source: Robert Half's 2017 Salary Guide
for Accounting and Finance
Small businesses are defined as
employing fewer than 500 people.
Connecticut small businesses
employ 732,750 people,
or 49.3% of the state's
private workforce.
That's according to a recent
survey by Deloitte. More than a
third (36 percent) of respondents
credit blockchain with the
potential for improving systems
operations, either by reducing
costs or increasing speed
(18 percent each).
Source: Statistics of U.S. Businesses,
U.S. Census Bureau,
U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis.
CTCPA Strategic Planning Initiative Kicks Off
There are
small businesses
in Connecticut,
which make up
of the state's
total businesses.
The CPA is an
in-demand credential.
Those who have
it can expect to increase
their starting salaries by
5 to 15%
Connecticut CPA
January/February 2018
Member Carl Johnson of CRJ Consulting and Board of Directors member-at-large Marie Benedetto
of Marie Benedetto, CPA, Innovative Business Solutions lead Advisory Council and Board members
through a SWOT analysis.