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From the CyberShark to CTCPA
We're big fans of ABC's Shark Tank
in my house. It's one of those rare
shows that everyone in my family
can agree on. On the show, entre-
preneurs and business owners pitch
their products and ideas to a panel
of millionaire and billionaire inves-
tors, called the "Sharks," to try to get
the Sharks to invest in their compa-
nies. The numbers are the name of
the game, and the show has taught
my second- and fourth-grade kids
to throw around words like "valua-
tion" and "scalable."
So when the AICPA announced that it would be offering a free webinar where
AICPA President and CEO Barry Melancon would interview popular Shark
Robert Herjavec, I jumped at the change to register.
I have to admit I didn't know much about Robert's business background before
watching the webinar. It turns out he's the founder of a global company special-
izing in information security called Herjavec Group. He and Barry covered the
gamut of technology developments, from the game-changing power of cloud
computing to the cybersecurity threats brought on by ever-connected technol-
ogy and untraceable cryptocurrency.
In fact, Barry cited a statistic from the Global Cybersecurity Risks Survey that
found that 49 percent of businesses have been cyberattacked in the past two
years, and perhaps more have been attacked and aren't aware.
As trusted advisors to their businesses, clients, customers, and colleagues,
CPAs and accounting professionals are in a unique position to help navigate
cybersecurity and other concerns in an objective way, Barry and Robert agreed.
"People who understand controls and people who understand how people ac-
tually implement what they say they're going to do is very critical," Barry said.
"You have to have a trusted advisor that doesn't have an underlying vested
interest in something," Robert continued. "The challenge with cybersecurity is
that this isn't simple. It's a highly complex world ... You've got to know what
you need in your environment and what the controls should be. The market will
naturally go to people that don't have a vested interest beyond the advice."
If you'd like to check out Barry and Robert's hour-long conversation for your-
self, it's available at
We have been lucky to secure Barry as the keynote speaker for the 2018
CTCPA Annual Meeting to personally share his insights on the disruptive
changes heading our way. Details are on the page at right. I hope you'll be able
to join us for what promises to be an enlightening and engaging conversation
about the future of the profession.
January/February 2018
Vol. 59, Issue 1
Kirsten Piechota, Managing Editor
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AICPA President and CEO Barry Melancon (left)
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expert Robert Herjavec.