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"Regardless of what is happening in your life, the power of
a smile can be infectious. Come to work every day with a
smile, care about your coworkers, be accountable for your
work, and learn something new every day."
For RSM US LLP Assurance Manager Kevin
Kiss, attitude is everything.
"Kevin is a very compassionate and kind in-
dividual who genuinely cares for the wellbe-
ing of the people working with him," RSM US
Assurance Partner (and CTCPA President-elect)
Susan Martinelli wrote in her nomination. "He
elevates himself and the people around him to
be their best."
An active member of the New and Young Pro-
fessionals (NYP) Cabinet for the last five years,
Kevin has had a hand in planning, coordinating,
and volunteering at a number of NYP events,
including the annual holiday party, kickball and
dodgeball tournaments, happy hours, and more.
Kevin is an active volunteer with Junior Achieve-
ment, teaching financial literacy to students at
New Haven's Bishop Woods Executive Acad-
emy twice a year. He serves on the JA New
Haven Area Volunteer Council and coordinates
his firm's efforts with its Networking Achieve-a-
Bowl event. In the last five years, he's increased
his firm's participation from five people raising
$500 to more than 30 raising more than $5,000
each year.
It's not all fun and games for the avid golfer,
though ­ Kevin works on a number of complex
audit engagements subject to SEC and PCAOB
audit standards and serves a wide range of cli-
ents. He also teaches CPE to staff, delivers both
technical and soft skills presentations to local
universities, and serves as a career advisor to
four other staffers.
"He is also an information multiplier, sharing his
knowledge with others while continually focus-
ing on improving his skills," continued Susan.
"He performs at a very high level and yet always
asks himself, `What could I do better next time?'
He is truly an outstanding professional."
Kevin J. Kiss, CPA
Assurance Manager, RSM US LLP, New Haven
The aspect of my work that I find the most challenging is:
coordinating multiple client engagements for multiple partners with
similar deadlines.
The aspect of my work that I find the most fun is:
teaching and
training our staff, and seeing that "aha!" moment.
If I weren't a CPA, I would be:
a professor.
My first job was:
a pharmacy technician.
Something people would be surprised to know about me is:
I'm a descendant of a pilgrim who was aboard the Mayflower and an
18th century French king.
When I'm not at work you can find me:
on a golf course.
The app or website I can't live without is:
My favorite quote is:
"Let whoever can do so deceive me, he will
never bring it about that I am nothing, so long as I continue to think
that I am something." ­ René Descartes
My favorite getaway location is:
Lake Winnipesaukee in
New Hampshire.
The word that best describes me is:
The most interesting/adventurous thing I've ever done was:
backpacking around Europe.
One of the best gifts I've ever received was:
a drawing of Sonic
the Hedgehog made by a fifth grade elementary student from the
Junior Achievement program.
At Karaoke Night I would sing:
Bon Jovi ­ "Wanted Dead or Alive."
Kevin and his team support the CTCPA
"Kickin' for Kids" new and young
professionals charity kickball tournament.