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Connecticut CPA
January/February 2018
n November 7, Nancy Rossi
made history when she was
elected the first female mayor
of West Haven. Nancy took home
45.28 percent of the vote to defeat
two-term incumbent Ed O'Brien (who
earned 30.64 of the vote) and Repub-
lican City Councilman David Riccio
(who took 24.5 percent of the vote).
O'Brien ran as a write-in candidate af-
ter Nancy bested him in September's
primary election by just 136 votes.
Nancy, a CPA at Whitten, Horton & Gib-
ney LLP in Orange, ran on a platform
of fiscal integrity and responsibility; in
fact, it was the city's budget deficit that
inspired her to run in the first place.
"West Haven's future success starts
with fiscal responsibility and a bal-
anced budget," her campaign website,,
"Nancy's platform for West Haven's
success depends on: finances, eco-
nomic development, quality of life,
education, public safety, and transpar-
ency in government."
Financial campaign promises included
ideas such as a day one hiring freeze
on all nonessential positions and a
freeze on all nonessential spending.
Nancy also planned to create a five-
year operating and capital budget
for long-term planning, review and
re-negotiate vendor contracts, inves-
tigate regionalization of city servic-
es, require all expenditures of more
than $500 be approved by her office,
and more.
A 35-year resident of West Haven,
Nancy is no stranger to the commu-
nity. She served on the City Council
seventh district from 2005 to 2015 and
as that body's finance chair from 2007
to 2011 and 2013 to 2015.
"It is very exciting, I'm absolutely
thrilled," she stated after her win. "I
can't say enough. [I have to] thank my
team, all of my volunteers, my family,
but most of all, the taxpayers of West
Haven. They're giving me a chance."
Nancy was inaugurated as mayor on
December 3.
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CPA Nancy Rossi Elected First Female Mayor of West Haven