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organizations to identify problems with
the existing workers' compensation
system that they could propose solu-
tions to, got pricing on what it would
save by implementing their proposal,
drafted the language, and then worked
"really hard" to get it passed.
"It was the first time we had sweep-
ing reforms like that within workers'
compensation," she said. "It passed
in 1993, and workers' compensa-
tion rates today are still lower than
they were in 1992 as a result of those
In recent years, Bonnie's focus shifted
to member outreach and engagement.
She spent a tremendous amount of
time on the road meeting members,
learning about their issues and priori-
ties and, when appropriate, working
to draft, pass, or oppose regulation
and legislation. As an attorney with a
specialization in tax law, Bonnie often
found herself working alongside the
CTCPA on issues such as sales tax
on services (most recently success-
fully opposed in 2015) and mobile
workforce legislation. [See page 12 for
more on our work on the mobile work-
force legislation.]
After years of lobbying at the Capitol,
often until 2 a.m., however, Bonnie was
ready for a change.
"When this opportunity came up, I
thought, oh my goodness, between
my advocacy, the community, a lot of
the outreach and engagement, and the
education, there are a lot of synergies,"
she said. "One of the things I was told
[in the interview process] was that get-
ting out there, raising the profile of the
organization was key for me, and I did
that for CBIA."
A New Chapter
Once Bonnie settles into her new of-
fice and learns her way around, she'll
be hitting the road again.
"I'm excited to get out, meet the mem-
bership, and learn how we can serve
them best," she said. "I'm curious to
find out if there's a difference between
the older people and the younger
people ... As much as people say they
want to be inclusive, do they want
any of those homogeneous groups?
Do members in manufacturing want
to have manufacturing accountants
groups? Do the women want to have a
women's get-together? What types of
mixed group meetings between mem-
bers in public accounting and mem-
bers in business and industry should
we have? I want to hear from people."
She plans to start her road trip with
public accounting firms in early Jan-
uary, before switching to industry
associates (many of whom she
knows from her CBIA days) in the
thick of tax season.
Just don't look for her for a week in
"I'm most excited about a spring
vacation!" said Bonnie. "For the last
28 years, I've not been able to take
a spring vacation. I can't be on vaca-
tion if the legislature's in session. So
I'm very much looking forward to that
vacation. I told my daughter Amanda,
I don't care where I'm going, but in
March, during your vacation, we're go-
ing away."
If you'd like to introduce yourself to
Bonnie and welcome her to the CTCPA,
contact her at or
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"One of the things I was told
[in the interview process] was
that getting out there, raising
the profile of the organization
was key for me, and I did that
for CBIA."