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A new face around the CTCPA watercooler
The new year will bring a new face to the helm of the CTCPA as Bonnie Stewart
takes her place as our next executive director. We don't tend see a lot of
major personnel changes here at the CTCPA. Executive Director Art Renner was
here for 20 years, and his predecessor Jack Brooks was here for 32 years
before that.
Even at the staff level, when people come to work here and they're a good fit,
they tend to stay for a long time. Every year at our office holiday luncheon we
hold a "Secret Santa" gift exchange. Traditionally the office newbie opens his
or her gift first, and we work our way up to the more tenured staff. We're usu-
ally only a few gifts in before we get to the people around the table who have
spent 15, 20, or even more than 30 years of their career working with Connecti-
cut's CPAs.
That longevity is a testament to the CTCPA and its members, who continue to
inspire us, challenge us, and help us have a good time while doing our best to
advance the profession and, to quote Public Affairs Director Mark Zampino,
"make the world safe for CPAs."
Special thanks to everyone who came out to raise a glass to Art at his retire-
ment reception in December. I can't imagine a more fitting send-off for Art than
a night filled with so many colleagues and friends and a huge spread of his
favorite Mexican dishes. See photos from the event on page 10.
Art will be enjoying a well-deserved vacation at the beginning of the new year
and then will continue to be available to help Bonnie whenever he's needed,
answering questions and ensuring the transition is a smooth one.
I know you'll all welcome Bonnie and make her feel at home in true CTCPA
fashion. Assistant Editor Caitlin Bailey O'Neill and I had the opportunity to
meet up with her for a photo shoot and interview a few weeks before her official
start date. If you haven't met her yet, she is energetic, fun, and has a rock-solid
track record working with the members of the Connecticut Business and Indus-
try Association.
If you'd like to reach out and introduce yourself to Bonnie, you can get in touch
with her at or 860-258-0214. In addition to the official an-
nouncement on the page at right, please get to know her a little better by read-
ing our feature story on page 6.
January/February 2017
Vol. 58, Issue 1
Kirsten Piechota, Managing Editor
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