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CPAs Head Back to School for Interactive High School Program
ewington High School Business
Education Teacher Ally Miller
knew she had some myths to
dispel with her accounting class.
"Since all we have been doing are
debits and credits, they think all ac-
countants are hidden in a back room
crunching numbers," said Ally.
On November 10, she brought 13 ac-
counting professionals from all walks
of financial life in to work with her 26
students. Students interviewed their
mentors-for-a-day on everything from
college and advice to a typical day in
the office before introducing their men-
tors to their peers.
With career discussions behind them,
the students got down to business.
They'd previously played Monopoly
and prepared accounting records for
their real estate businesses, which
their peers had audited to identify er-
rors and "fraud." This time, however,
the "real-life" CPAs audited their re-
cords, and the students
had to articulate why
and how they'd made
decisions they had!
The volunteers were
tapped again a month
later, when they stepped
into the role of "the
banker." The students
needed to practice their
business email etiquette
to answer a number of
the banker's questions; the accoun-
tants then "graded" the emails on con-
tent and professionalism.
"Students who are normally quiet were
highly engaged in conversations, the
students for whom accounting comes
easy were challenged with higher level
discussions, and key messages from
the professionals truly resonated with
the students," Ally continued.
"The accountants I spoke with were
very informative and truly let me ex-
plore the career and all of the fascinat-
ing things they do on a day-to-day ba-
sis," added student Danielle Marino.
CTCPA Membership Manager Alicia
Strong, who helped coordinate volun-
teers for the program and was on hand
that day to capture it, was also thrilled
at how the day unfolded.
"It was great to see the students con-
necting and learning from our mem-
bers," she said. "You could tell that
not only were the students excited to
have CPAs look over their work, but
the CPAs were happy to do it."
Thank you to our members
who volunteered their time for
this program!
Tim Rooney, Filomeno & Company
Steve Fuller, BlumShapiro
Maggie Kish, KPMG
Greg Lainas, Robert Half Management
Daniel Mauriello, BlumShapiro
Richard Massaro, United Technologies
Donna Figueiredo, PwC
Kristen Palombizio, PwC
Alison Flynn, PwC
Connecticut CPA
January/February 2017