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"Having an accounting background opens up many different
avenues you can pursue. Try to find out early on in your
career which path keeps you excited to go to the office
every day, and spend your time working in that specialty."
hen nominator Janet Walker talks
about NYP to Watch Ken Healy, she's
speaking from experience. After all,
Ken has worked for her at Diversified Financial
Solutions for 15 years! He started working part-
time at the firm in high school, returned for sum-
mers throughout college, and is now a CPA at
the firm.
"Ken is a very conscientious co-worker and
take-charge employee with a calm demeanor
and a real asset to Diversified Financial Solu-
tions, PC," Janet wrote. "He mentors and de-
velops new employees and is always willing to
assist anyone within the firm."
"He's also dedicated to the community and is
involved is a number of community organiza-
tions," she continued.
That's an understatement Ken's commu-
nity service titles run the gamut from president
of the St. Francis School Foundation to deputy
treasurer of the Naugatuck High School Alumni
This year, Ken chaired the St. Francis School
Foundation's annual appeal and raised money
to replace 11 exterior doors and install a video
security system to take advantage of match-
ing funds offered through the Connecticut De-
partment of Emergency Services and Public
Protection, to better protect students, teach-
ers, and faculty members from possible threats
and hazards.
Ken also volunteers his accounting skills for
the United Way of Naugatuck and Beacon Falls
and the Naugatuck YMCA the latter of which
honored him with the 2014 Robert Whittemore
(Unsung Hero) Award.
Kenneth Healy, CPA
CPA Diversified Financial Solutions, PC,
Naugatuck and Southbury
The aspect of my work that I find the most challenging is:
solutions for small businesses that not only eliminate inefficiencies or
improve business processes, but will actually be implemented and utilized.
The aspect of my work that I find the most fun is:
determining the
applicability of rapidly changing pending and approved tax laws and
regulations for my clients and planning with them to minimize the tax
impact to their families and businesses, while focusing on maximizing
profitability to help them meet their short- and long-term goals.
If I weren't a CPA, I would be:
an attorney.
My first job was:
working as a basketball referee and scorekeeper.
Something people would be surprised to know about me is:
in my
free time I manage and invest in rental properties.
When I'm not at work you can find me:
fixing up rental apartments.
The app or website I can't live without is:
My favorite quote is:
faith, family, friends.
My favorite getaway location is:
Wildwood, New Jersey. My father
is from a large family and they have been going there annually since
before I was born.
The word that best describes me is:
The most interesting/adventurous thing I've ever done was:
on a boat for a week while exploring the Galapagos Islands.
The best gift I've ever received was:
a gold pocket watch that was
owned by my great-grandfather and passed down to my grandfather,
then to myself.
At Karaoke Night I would sing:
Frank Sinatra.
Ken exploring the
Galapagos Islands.