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January/February 2016
Vol. 57, Issue 1
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This fall we got to take part in one of my very favorite CTCPA staff traditions: the
presentation of a handmade quilt to a CTCPA staffer who is expecting a baby.
This time it was a grey and navy blue transportation theme with cross-stitched
trucks, cars, and street signs for Membership and Academics Manager Alicia
Strong, who was expecting a baby boy.
This beautiful tradition began seven years ago when I welcomed my daughter
into a CPE classroom under the guise that a speaker was having trouble get-
ting a projector to work and they needed my help. Feeling that little twinge of
panic that comes from uncooperative technology, I walked into my surprise
baby shower.
I learned that my coworkers had spent nights and weekends (and some lunch-
er how to cross stitch, and each had stitched a unique square that Membership
Coordinator Liz Frazza then sewed together into a gorgeous heirloom quilt.
the Pooh to jungle animal babies. A few of those works of art have had some
stitched. But in the end, each handmade gift represents the time, energy, and
talent lent by what is truly a CTCPA family.
Kirsten Piechota, Managing Editor
Editor's Note
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See you next issue,
Making Modern-Day Heirlooms
CTCPA staffers show off their most recent handmade baby quilt. Pictured from left are (front row,
kneeling) Melissa Thompson, Kirsten Piechota, (back row, standing) Liz Frazza, Jill Brightman,
Doreen Fredette, Phyllis Roche, Julie McNeal, Caitlin Bailey O'Neill, Meghan Power, quilt recipient
Alicia Strong, Bonnie Olivieri, and Lisa Bugryn.