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Pr!me Kicks Off Programming for Professionals 35+
Members laced up their bowling shoes (some of them brought from home!) for the
inaugural Pr!me event for professionals 35 and older at Revolutions Bowling and Lounge
in South Windsor. Bowlers enjoyed food, fun, and friendly competition at the high-tech,
upscale alley. (See the back cover of this issue for more on Pr!me's next event, a 9Round
Workout Day for Charity co-sponsored by the New and Young Professionals Group.)
Pr!me is a brand-new
CTCPA interest group
charged with creating
programming and events for
professionals 35 and older.
We're looking for volunteers
to help us develop fun programs
that support worthwhile causes.
Help us do great things while
having a really good time!
Join the Pr!me Planning Group