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Connecticut CPA
January/February 2016
"Know how valuable you are to the profession.
Your ideas are powerful don't be afraid to share them."
Tessa Jordan is a go-to mentor for
staff accountants in her office. A
manager specializing in construc-
tion, retail, healthcare, and other
closely held businesses at Nicola
Yester, she supervises and advises
four staff-level accountants. Jor-
dan and another manager in the
ing a new staff training/orientation
program that was rolled out this fall.
"Tessa understands that the suc-
cessful," said firm partner Steve
Jordan also played a key role in
helping develop the firm's WOW
Committee, a select group of in-
dividuals promoting holiday, well-
is an in-house expert on Quick-
Books-related client concerns as
she is certified as a QuickBooks
Pro Advisor.
Jordan's leadership continues out-
ber of Hartford Young Profession-
als and Entrepreneurs (HYPE) and
its Community Involvement Com-
mittee, helping to organize chari-
Hartford area. She is also a mem-
ber of the Glastonbury Chamber of
Commerce and has volunteered for
the Channel 3 Kids Camp.
Jordan also trades in her laptop for
a hard hat as a volunteer at Habitat
for Humanity builds and was se-
lected to be a member of the As-
sociated Building and Contractors
Emerging Leaders Group.
This fall, Jordan took to the
interviewer during the Interview Day
lection efforts during the New and
Young Professionals annual charity
drives, collecting books, coats, and
more to help those less fortunate.
The aspect of my work that I find the most challenging is:
do that morning.
The aspect of my work that I find the most fun is:
that every day is
unpredictable. I come into work with an idea of how my day is going to
go and it almost always turns out differently. I love public accounting.
If I weren't a CPA, I would be:
an event planner.
My first job was:
cashier at Tri-Town Foods in Colchester.
My advice to people starting out in the accounting profession is:
know how valuable you are to the profession. Your ideas are powerful
don't be afraid to share them.
When I'm not at work you can find me:
planning! Usually for the next
vacation or decorating our house ...
The app or website I can't live without is:
My favorite quote is:
missingisthewilltoexecutethem."Seth Godin
The word that best describes me is:
At Karaoke Night I'd sing:
Jordan operates an excavator at the Connecticut Associated
Building and Contractors Construction Pro Rodeo. She
was a volunteer at the event, which exposed more than
1,500 high school students to careers in construction.
Tessa Jordan
Tessa Jordan, CPA
Nicola, Yester & Company, P.C., Glastonbury