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Connecticut CPA
January/February 2016
Ross Riskin's bio reads like one of
a person twice his age. He's not only
vice president of Riskin & Riskin, PC,
he runs with his father, CPA Robert
Riskin, he also started his own college
and education financial planning firm
ning expertise with his interest in help-
neurial spirit and bridge the gap be-
tween the services that are offered by
In addition to being a CPA/PFS (Per-
sonal Financial Specialist), Riskin is
one of the only professional advisors
in the state (and one of only 500 in
the country) who holds the Certified
College Planning Specialist (CCPS)
designation and specializes in work-
ing with families, financial advi-
sors, accountants, and attorneys to
ning services.
As if that weren't enough,
Riskin can also be found
bringing his real-world expe-
rience to the classroom as
an assistant professor of ac-
counting and finance at Al-
bertus Magnus College.
Riskin has published an
e-book on
entitled Winning: How to Suc-
ceed in an Online Graduate
Program and has been quot-
ed in media outlets includ-
ing Forbes, Financial Advi-
sor magazine, the National Financial
Educators Council,, and
the Home of Wealth Minimalist Life-
style Blog.
Riskin frequently puts his expertise to
good use, speaking at College Summit
events to help promote the importance
of higher education to New Haven-area
high school students. He also carves
out time to visit his alma mater, Fair-
Psi meetings and presented a session
My Major (AIM) program (learn more
about AIM on page 22 of this issue).
"Don't let the expectations of others limit you. Instead, let your passion and
drive motivate you to accomplish things people never expected you could."
The aspect of my work that I find the most challenging is:
new ways to add value or enhance the services I provide to clients. I
am constantly reading and learning about new technologies, regula-
tions, and planning opportunities so that I can stay ahead of the com-
petition and be a good resource for my clients throughout the year.
The aspect of my work that I find the most fun is:
the one-on-one
interaction. Seeing the lightbulb turn on for a client when I explain
accounting concept they have been struggling with is worth all the
hard work.
My advice to people starting out in the accounting profession is:
don't let the expectations of others limit you. Instead, let your passion
and drive motivate you to accomplish things people never expected
you could. Remember that success does not have an age requirement.
Something people would be surprised to know about me is:
I am
an avid musician and enjoy singing and playing guitar, piano, and the
drums in my spare time.
The app or website I can't live without is:
My favorite quote is:
Nelson Mandela
Riskin with his fiancé at a favorite getaway location, San
Francisco."The food, weather, people, and scenery will al-
ways keep me coming back to this vibrant city," he explained.
Ross Riskin
Ross A. Riskin, CPA/PFS, CCPS
Assistant Professor of Accounting and Finance ­
Albertus Magnus College, New Haven
Vice President ­ Riskin & Riskin, PC, Orange
Managing Member ­ Riskin Advisory, LLC, Orange