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Connecticut CPA
January/February 2014
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Retired Connecticut State Board of Ac-
countancy Chairman Tom Reynolds
was recently honored at the annual
CTCPA Fall Awards Dinner (see page
19 for more photos of the evening).
In addition to a lighthearted roast,
CTCPA Executive Director Art Renner
presented Reynolds with a proclama-
tion signed by the CTCPA Board of
Directors that reads as follows:
Upon his retirement as Chairman, Mr.
Reynolds leaves a legacy of prog-
ress. During his decade of service,
Mr. Reynolds ensured that regulators,
legislators, and the organized profes-
sion worked together to usher CPAs
through the paradigm shifts of an
evolving profession.
Under his guidance, the State Board of
Accountancy sought and realized leg-
islation that would ensure the profes-
sion remained relevant to its members
and the publics they serve.
During his administration, Connecticut
law changed to allow candidates to sit
for the CPA Examination upon conferral
of a bachelor's degree, enhanced prac-
tice mobility, broadened the CPA cer-
tification experience requirements, and
recognized minority non-CPA equity
ownership of public accounting firms.
Mr. Reynolds served at the pleasure of
three different governors and marked
the State Board's 100th anniversary
while in office. A faithful servant, he
is wont to give credit first to those li-
censees and public members who
served with him, always championing
the contributions of these important
Mr. Reynolds led with thoughtful direc-
tion, careful planning, humility, good
will, and good humor.
Tom Reynolds, a grateful profession
thanks you.
Retired State Board Chairman Reynolds Honored
CTCPA Executive Director Art Renner (left)
presents a proclamation signed by the CTCPA
Board of Directors to retired State Board of Ac-
countancy Chairman Tom Reynolds recently at
the CTCPA Fall Awards Dinner held at Cascade
in Hamden.
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