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Connecticut CPA
January/February 2014
Member Snapshots
We're looking for your snapshots of interest to the general Society membership.
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Donald Kannenberg Jr., a partner at Fried-
man, Kannenberg & Company in Farmington,
braved plunging into a shipping container
filled with ice water, a 30-foot free fall into
a pond, and even electric shock while com-
pleting "Tough Mudder" events recently, in-
cluding the Tough Mudder New England at
Mount Snow in Vermont and the Tough Mud-
der Tri-State at Raceway Park in New Jersey.
Tough Mudder events are "hardcore obstacle
courses designed to test all-around strength,
stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie."
Obstacles include mud, fire, ice water, wires
charged with 10,000 volts of electricity, 12-
foot walls, and underground mud tunnels.
"These events are all about teamwork and
camaraderie and not about individual perfor-
mance," Kannenberg explained. "My teams
in each event went off together helping each
other as well as others throughout the event."
Kannenberg (second from left) with his team at the Tough Mudder New England at Mount
Snow in Vermont in August.
Kannenberg Completes `Tough Mudder' Events
Marcum Professionals Present `JA in a Day' in New Haven
This fall, 20 Marcum professionals participated in Junior
Achievement's "JA in a Day" program for the third consecutive
year at Clinton Avenue School in New Haven, teaching kinder-
garteners through fifth graders. The program helps educate
students about workforce readiness, entrepreneurship, and
financial literacy through experiential, hands-on lessons.
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