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The Accounting Crows members talk about "a day in the life of a CPA."
Pictured (from left) are Mark Zampino (keyboards, guitar, vocals) of CTCPA, Mike
Fortunato (drums) of Orthopaedic Health Services, Alan Friedman (lead guitar,
vocals) of Friedman, Kannenberg & Company, and Reed Risteen (bass, vocals)
of BlumShapiro.
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UConn Conference
David Papandria
UConn School of Business
Stephen Pedneault
Forensic Accounting Services
Michael Maksymiw
Filomeno & Company
Mark Caplan
Evan Kalish
Saslow Lufkin & Buggy
Elizabeth Zartolas
Danielle Choate
Leah DeLorenzo
UConn accounting major
UConn Beta Alpha Psi members
Quinnipiac University Conference
Kathleen Simione and Gary Schneider
Quinnipiac Accounting Department
David Reynolds and David Grindle
Avril Stephens
Dennis Cole
Beers, Hamerman & Company
Jackie Bahi
Dworken, Hillman, LaMorte & Sterczala
Stephanie Barone
Kerry Buscaglia
Quinnipiac University accounting major
Quinnipiac Accounting Society members
Do CTCPA CPA Careers Conferences
really help fill the pipeline? Yes!
Just ask Quinnipiac University
accounting major Paige Cantwell,
who attended a Careers Conference
as a high school sophomore.
"The first time I learned about becoming a CPA was at the
CTCPA CPA Careers Conference," explained Cantwell.
"The conference changed many stereotypes I had of
accounting careers. As I listened to the members of the
young professionals panel, I felt like I had a similar per-
sonality to them. I hoped to be as happy and successful
as the panelists and all the other presenters."
Paige Cantwell (left) with CTCPA's Jill Brightman.
Avril Stephens of Deloitte answers questions about her career in public accounting.
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January/February 2014