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Lainas poses with University
of Connecticut students
after speaking for
the accounting department's
"Introduction to a Profession"
Lainas speaks on building
a personal brand and
ways to impress potential
employers at a "Young
Business Leaders of
Fairfield" meeting at
Fairfield University.
On picking a major:
"It's important for anyone pursuing a major to assess where
the field is going and what opportunities will be available when
he or she graduates. You can go from accounting to anything,
but not from anything to accounting. I tell people that if you do
not become a CPA, you will need to get an MBA."
On overcoming challenges:
"Life is full of obstacles and challenges. It is how you overcome
them that distinguishes you from your peers. It is important not
only to recognize opportunities, but to act upon them."
On mentoring:
"Think about all of the people who
helped you get to where you are;
don't you want to do that for some-
one else? We need more people
growing our profession and the
CSCPA membership. I often think
we're like an untapped oil well with
an unlimited reserve!"
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