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Accounting: The Next Generation
His goal? To offer career advice and encouragement
and reinforce the value of three little letters: CPA.
When the requirement for six months of attestation
experience to qualify for initial certification was elim-
inated this fall, Lainas joined CSCPA Executive
Director Art Renner in a series of more than a dozen
visits with major employers of accounting and
finance personnel in the state, making sure these
organizations knew how the changes could greatly
benefit their staff.
Perhaps most enthusiastically, Lainas has spoken to
students, giving them advice on everything from
choosing a major to weaving a network of profes-
sional contacts to landing that all-important first job.
Read on to discover some of these "Gems
from Greg."
Career Advice for Tomorrow's (and Today's!) CPAs
CSCPA President Greg Lainas, Division Director for Robert Half Management Resources in
Hartford, has logged hundreds of miles on Connecticut highways during his year-long
presidency, crisscrossing the state to attend college and university speaking engagements,
scholarship presentations, and meetings with industry leadership.
Lainas speaks to a packed house at the University of Connecticut.
CSCPA President Greg Lainas
speaks with a student
at a University of Hartford
Beta Alpha Psi meeting.