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n October 6, Connecticut's
Governor Dannel Malloy hosted
a day-long economic summit in
Hartford. One of the speakers,
Analytics Steve Cochrane, discussed
the recession and Connecticut's eco-
nomic headwinds. His final comment
was: "States cannot underestimate the
value of communication at all levels."
The CSCPA took that advice to heart
and has begun a collaborative out-
reach program, forming a group that
includes individuals from business,
labor, and nonprofits to work with state
government to identify processes that
would benefit from collaborative sys-
tems thinking. The first meeting took
place on December 7 in New Haven.
Several takeaways became evident
during this meeting:
Labor and business interests are far
more closely aligned than anticipated.
We can't wait to be invited into gov-
ernment; we have to work toward
organized collaboration with a con-
sistent, proactive examination of
change through a lens of systems
thinking for governmental clarity
and efficiency.
The current goals of the group are to:
Develop decision-making resources
to better serve Connecticut,
Foster compromise across con-
stituencies, and
Facilitate transparent information
flow into and out of government.
Advisory Council Chair Michael
, President Greg Lainas,
President-elect Noelle Taddei, Past
President Marcia Marien (who spear-
headed the "Fixing Our Future" cam-
paign), Executive Director Art Renner,
Finance and Operations Director Julie
, and Public Affairs Director
Mark Zampino.
Continue on for some photos and
quotes from the December 7 meeting.
CSCPA Begins Collaborative Program,
Offers to Help State Government
Catherine Smith, Commissioner,
Department of Economic and Community Development:
"[State agencies are working toward] a predictable way to
do business. State government has to be timely. Agencies
are in the process of a complete and thorough review of all
the regulations on the books over the next six to 12 months.
"Government is here to create an ecosystem to allow the
private sector to grow jobs."
David Walker, Former U.S. Comptroller General and
CEO, The Comeback America Initiative:
"Government transformation has two aspects: a policy side
and an operational side. State government ought to survey
its customers for feedback.
"Connecticut has a lot of potential. There are serious
challenges and they must be dealt with soon. The good
news is that other countries have risen to the challenge;
we just have to get started.
"Connecticut's workers are good people in bad systems."
By Julie McNeal, CSCPA Finance and Operations Director