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A Holiday Gift For Commuters!
We all enjoy receiving holiday gifts, don't we?
Connecticut commuters, in particular, have been
blessed with an eagerly anticipated gift this holiday
season. After years of planning, financing, and build-
ing activities, the State Department of Transportation
finally opened the new Fairfield Metro train station ...
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Where's Waldo? Find yourself in the pics
from yesterday's EBP Conference!
(Hope you were paying attention...)
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Good news for CPA Exam candidates! If you're
working on passing the CPA Exam, AICPA's got some
good news for you: faster, more predictable results!
Check it out at Now, you've at least
got a schedule of when you can expect your results,
based upon when you tested in the testing window,
cutting down on needless trips to the mailbox!
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2011 CT income tax forms are up!
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