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Kirsten Piechota, Managing Editor
Don't Miss What's
Coming Up Next!
At the beginning of November, we mailed you
a postcard (pictured at right) asking you to
visit the CSCPA website and submit your
email address.
Why? Simply put, if you're not receiving email
from us, you're missing out! We send event
reminders, breaking industry news, legislative
alerts, and more via email on a regular basis.
What's more, there are some exciting new
developments on the horizon. We want to make sure you don't miss out on:
The redesigned, featuring a sleek new look and enhanced functionality based
on member feedback, coming this spring.
CPAMix, a web-based networking platform we're launching to help you connect with CPAs
across the state and country.
Our new Member e-News, full of events, member benefits, and industry and people news
Members who submitted a valid email address by November 15 were entered to win one of five $100 Visa
gift cards. Congratulations to the following members, who were selected at random for one of our prizes:
Bryan J. Ricci
Douglas J. Mahoney
Edward G. Chestler
Marianne Chamberlain
Richard D. Suski
There'sstilltime.Dowehaveyour emailaddress?
Even though the drawing has ended, I still encourage you to visit and submit your
email address. You'll also be prompted to choose what mailing lists you'd like to be on so we can make
sure you're receiving the information most relevant to your needs and interests. Lists include Friday
Focus for Members in Industry, CONNection programs, CPE Highlights, IRS Dinners, Member Perks,
and more.
And don't worry CSCPA never shares your email address with third parties.
See you next issue!
p.s. CSCPA is social! Visit to find links to connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter,
Facebook, and our legislative blog. See page 49 for more.
Do we have your email address?
Don't miss what's coming up next!
Don't miss what's coming up next!