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Jan/Feb 2012 Vol. 53 Issue 1
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A publication of the Connecticut Society
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Accounting: The Next Generation
From speaking engagements to scholarships to conferences designed just for
high schoolers, CSCPA members are doing their part to help fill the pipeline
and recruit tomorrow's CPAs.
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CSCPA Board of Directors
Gregory A. Lainas
Noelle A. Taddei
Brian J. Kelleher
Mark A. Andrews
Jevon Knowles
Vanessa E. Rossitto
Michael L. Kraten
CSCPA Advisory Council Chair
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On the Cover
Accounting: The Next Generation
8 Gems from Greg
Career Advice for Tomorrow's
(and Today's!) CPAs
12 Student Outreach Hits the
High School Crowd
16 ETF Presents University
Scholarships, Grants
20 New and Young Professionals
Present `College Month'
Member Spotlight:
Pledge Joseph Browne
22 Summary of 2012 Qualified
Retirement Plan Limits
By Leonard G. Brown, FSA, MAAA
23 Investment Education
By David M. Snetro and
Ary Rosenbaum, Esq.
28 Succession Plan Preference
and the Role of the CSCPA in
Succession Planning
By Marie G. Kulesza, MSPA, CPA
and Pamela Q. Weaver, DBA, CPA
34 IRS Tax Liens: The Basics
By Laura E. Pisarello, Esq.
Upcoming Events
The 2012 Essential Event:
The CSCPA Annual Meeting
36 CSCPA Calendar
38 Members-Only Programs
42 CPE Pages
Member Matters
26 Employee Benefit Plans Group
Conference and Social
44 Pledge Pages
46 Mingling & Merriment:
The 2011 NYP Holiday Party
49 Where We're @: Join Us Online!
50 CPA Food Drive
52 Tax360 Welcomes State,
National Experts
54 CSCPA Collaborative Program
Offers to Help State Government
56 CPAs, Attorneys Co-Sponsor
Networking Dinner
57 CAAS Corner
58 Member News
59 Welcome, New Members!
60 Firm Moves and Promotions
61 Member Perks
62 Classified Advertisements
64 CPA Ad Campaign Takes Flight
65 Professional Affinity Partners
66 Member Snapshots