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Accounting: The Next Generation
On current hiring
trends in accounting:
"The federal unemployment rate was
announced at less than nine percent;
Connecticut is also under nine percent.
But for accountants, it's half of that. In
demand right now are CPAs with more
than three years of experience, technical
accountants, internal auditors, tax account-
ants, and business and financial analysts."
On networking:
"You've probably heard the expression `Never say never or always.' I'll offer you an exception to that
rule, though: Always network and never stop doing it. What better place to start than the 6,000 members
of the CSCPA? There are many networking avenues that anyone can utilize the most notable being
social media. It's clear the impact of social media upon the CPA profession will grow exponentially."
Editor's Note: See page 49 to find out how to connect with fellow CSCPA members online!
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Lainas entertains a room
full of University of Hartford
Beta Alpha Psi members.
Gems from Greg
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