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On November 3, 2010, Kostin, Ruffkess & Company, LLC
Principal and CSCPA Past President John Turgeon was
presented with the "Walking the Road Less Traveled"
award from the National Association of Black Accountants
(NABA) Hartford chapter during the annual "NABA Night of
Stars" gala. Turgeon was honored for his contributions to
the profession, community, and organization, which
"exemplify NABA's mantra of `Lifting As We Climb,'"
according to NABA.
"I'm sure it's true for others as well, but I often get involved in
organizations simply because I enjoy building new relation-
ships and contributing to the mission wherever I can,"
Turgeon said. "Learning that NABA wanted to recognize me
for my involvement made me feel very good [like] in some
way my efforts made a difference."
Encouraging diversity was a key mission for Turgeon dur-
ing his CSCPA presidency (2008-2009). Faced with an
aging membership lacking in diversity, he began to reach
out to NABA's Hartford chapter, the Association of Latino
Professionals in Finance and Accounting, and other relat-
ed associations.
"The Society had struggled for many years while trying to
build the necessary bridges to and from the diverse commu-
nity," Turgeon said. "Being successful at doing so would not
only allow each of our organizations to become stronger
with the others' involvement, but it would also help us attract
new members who could contribute to our success in ways
where others may not have in the past. We should be
very proud of the new relationships we have built over the
last few years. I believe it is serving us all very well."
NABA Hartford is open to all CPAs, Turgeon reminds
CSCPA members.
"NABA Hartford has a wonderful website, located at, which details all the events and pro-
grams they have planned for the year," he added. "For those
who are interested, I encourage them to attend one of the
upcoming events so they can meet other members and
learn more about NABA's mission. From there, they can
easily become a full-fledged member."
Want to learn more and meet new people? NABA will host
its second joint networking social on January 20. For more
information, check the CSCPA website or contact John
Turgeon at or 860-678-6014.
Past President John Turgeon Honored
with NABA Award
By Caitlin Q. Bailey O'Neill, Assistant Editor
CSCPA Past President John Turgeon (center) accepts the
National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)
"Walking the Road Less Traveled" award from NABA
members Ronita Fisher and Mory Soumahoro.