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On getting involved:
I'm a big believer in doing what you do best ... If you have
something you think needs to be done, don't think you're
just one person, because you can use the tools you have to
get things done ... public service is the greatest thing any-
one can do, but no one wants to do it anymore because [of
the low level to which it has sunk].
On the current state of political discussions:
I am absolutely appalled at the nature of political discourse
today; it's disgusting on both sides. The fact that no one can
sit and speak civilly any more it's [become] a food fight. My
two best friends in the Senate were Ted Kennedy and Barry
Goldwater. We were either working together or we were at
loggerheads, but [we respected one another].
Do you think this [negative discourse] would happen if you
didn't accept it? The time has come not to accept it. But it's
sort of like a tabloid version, people enjoy it, so that's why it
On the implementation of the Connecticut
state income tax (during his term as governor):
Some courageous Democrats and some coura-
geous Republicans got together and said "This
has to get done."
On Connecticut's current fiscal crisis:
To keep yourself in the black, well, there's noth-
ing terribly technical about it. You're going to cut
spending, you're going to change the structure,
you're going to raise taxes. There's no such thing
as a free lunch. We need a cold shower in this
state when it comes to our fiscal situation. It's
reached the death knell: bonding [to meet] day-
to-day operating expenses.
On healthcare reform:
Change has to come to healthcare in the USA ... but to
throw [President Obama's] bill out and start over again
makes no sense ... the train is finally on the tracks and
rolling. Healthcare should not be a matter of economics, it
should be available to everyone.
Let's make change for the good, but please, let's talk to
each other; it's certainly the way we get things done in
New England.
On the "American psyche" today:
We used to shoot for the moon, now we shoot for the gutter.
The great optimism that was America is gone ... Maybe we
as a country are not the most caring, most sharing, most
compassionate, most generous, most helping country in the
world today ... but we think we are, and as long as we think
so, some of it may come true ...
Lowell P. Weicker Jr. Addresses Tax360
By Mark Zampino, Public Affairs Director
ormer U.S. Senator and Connecticut Governor Lowell P.
Weicker Jr. addressed the Tuesday, November 2 participants in
the CSCPA's Tax360
conference perhaps fittingly on Election
Day 2010. As anticipated, he spoke candidly, sharing his strong opin-
ions on a number of contemporary issues. Following are several of his
comments made to the group.