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In October, a total of 525 students and teachers from 42 high
schools across the state converged on the University of New
Haven and University of Connecticut campuses for a sneak
peek inside the world of accounting and the CPA credential.
"Just wanted to let you know how much Patrick enjoyed the
field trip; it was nice to hear excitement in his telling of the
day," a parent emailed Nathan Hale-Ray High School busi-
ness teacher Deborah Olsen-MacDonald following the
event. "He is now considering Accounting II as well as per-
sonal finance for future electives. I think it's a wonderful
opportunity to have exposed the kids to the experience on a
college campus."
The two annual conferences shatter accounting stereo-
types, bringing high school students exciting stories of life
as a CPA and where the credential can take them, from
detecting fraud to traveling with sports teams and big names
in the music business.
Following breakfast provided by the host colleges and tours
of the campuses, the strum of an electric guitar and thump-
ing pulse of a drum set woke up the students early with
another unexpected twist: a set of classic rock hits by CPA
rock band The Accounting Crows.
"This conference maintains its popularity among
Connecticut high schools because it provides teachers and
students with an accurate portrayal of today's CPA, includ-
ing the opportunities the accounting profession can offer in
a way that makes it an attainable goal and a feasible career
choice for the young adults in attendance," said CSCPA
Student Relations Specialist Jill Brightman, who organizes
the event each year with the help of the Student Outreach
and Career Awareness Committee.
Each day also included a panel of new and young profes-
sionals and current college accounting majors, ready and
willing to answer every question from how hard you have to
study for the CPA Exam (very) to the salary (good) to
whether or not you still have time for a social life (yes). Once
the students caught on that a question asked resulted in an
Accounting Crows t-shirt, the hands flew up.
"This conference made me realize that I definitely want to
become a CPA," one student proclaimed on his evaluation.
Mission accomplished.
CPA Careers Conference Proves It...
Accounting Can Be Cool!
By Caitlin Q. Bailey O'Neill, Assistant Editor
Students pack the auditorium for the University of New Haven conference.