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If you've visited the CSCPA homepage recently, you've probably noticed an ever-growing collection
of items under the "Meet Us Online!" heading. We've got our Twitter feed, links to our Facebook page
and LinkedIn group, and the newest button that reads "WordPress." That takes you to the CSCPA
blog, started this summer by CSCPA webmaster (and Connecticut CPA assistant editor) Caitlin
Bailey O'Neill in conjunction with the CSCPA Governmental Issues Task Force.
Not sure how blogs fit into the ever-weaving web of social media? A blog, short for "web log," is a
website where an individual posts periodic entries with observations, commentary, or links to other
interesting websites or articles. To really get the conversation going, most blogs allow readers to post
their own comments and ideas on each entry.
The CSCPA blog is entitled "CPAs: Accounting for Connecticut's Future" and highlights issues sur-
rounding the unprecedented fiscal crisis facing the state.
Some members, including Paula Hiltz of Smith Brothers Insurance and Michael Kraten of
Providence College and Enterprise Management Corp., have joined Caitlin as guest bloggers, reflect-
ing on everything from the state's pension problems to nostalgia for the old-school voting machines.
Are you ready to jump into the blogosphere? Contact Caitlin at or 860-258-0228
and she'll get you set up as a guest blogger.
Rather just stick your toe in the water? Hop onto the blog at
and leave a comment or question on someone else's post. It's a simple way to get some discussion
going and get involved in our fight for Connecticut's future.
See you online!
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Kirsten Piechota, Managing Editor
Would You,
Could You Blog?