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The CSCPA Per Diem Program
Members looking for per diem work can add themselves to
the online directory, with basic information such as contact
information, availability, and specialty.
Employers looking for help can browse the listings, using
a search engine to narrow down candidates into niches
and counties.
To make the connection even easier, companies looking for
per diem help can also add a listing for the firm, including a
timeframe and description of the work.
To view the listing, go to
CSCPA Resume Service
The Resume Service works as an avenue of communication
between members who are seeking full-time employment
and those who are looking to hire.
If you are seeking employment, you may list your resume
for a 90-day period at the Society, with the option to renew
as many times as desired. If you are looking to fill a posi-
tion, use the Resume Service as a resource for finding
potential candidates.
For more information, contact Liz Frazza at or
Online and Print Classified Ads
"Situations Wanted" or "Help Wanted" classified advertise-
ments may be placed either online or in Connecticut CPA.
The cost is $1 per word for members and $1.50 per word for
non-members. Members who are currently unemployed
may post a "Situations Wanted" ad free of charge.
To place your ad, go to or contact
Kirsten Piechota at or 860-258-0231.
CSCPA Career and Staffing Services
The Accounting Major's Guide to
Connecticut CPA Firms
The Accounting Major's Guide to Connecticut CPA Firms
is a collection of firm resumes and a wealth of practical
"how to" information for those about to launch their profes-
sional careers.
It is published each fall and distributed to Connecticut colleges
and universities for placement in business schools and
career counseling centers. In addition, each Pledge
receives a personal copy directly. To view the current guide
or to make sure your firm is included in the next edition, go to
For more information, contact Student Relations Specialist
Jill Brightman at or 860-258-0239.
Pledge Resumes
CSCPA Pledges seeking internships or employment may post
their resumes on the CSCPA website. To view the resumes or
to submit your own, go to
Services for CPAs and Employers
Services for Students and Employers