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Accounting Tops Yahoo!'s
`Seven Hot Careers Through 2018 and Beyond'
Want a "hot" career through 2018 and beyond?
According to a Yahoo! article released November 11, 2010,
accountants and auditors are leading the pack when it
comes to job security, stability, and good pay, landing at the
top of the list of "Seven Hot Careers Through 2018 and
Accounting's "hot" factors included:
There were 1.3 million accountant and auditor jobs in
The Department of Labor projects about 279,400 new
positions to be added through 2018.
Changing financial laws, evolving regulations, and more
detailed scrutiny of company finances mean fast job
growth for accountants.
Yahoo! puts the median salary at $59,430.
Accountants took home the crown over medical assistants,
financial examiners (still a strong showing at #3!), dental
assistants, physical therapist assistants, registered nurses,
and computer software engineers.