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The screen is so small. Opening
attachments on a BlackBerry is nuts.
It's barely worth doing."
Carolin took her iPad to a recent
American Institute of Certified Public
Accountants conference in Las Vegas,
using it with a wireless keyboard to
take notes during three days of semi-
nars. "It's better than dragging a laptop
with you."
Using an app called LogMeIn, Carolin
connects to her office computer with
the iPad. "I was talking to an invest-
ment advisor and I said, 'Oh yes I got a
copy of that tax return today.' He asked
what that entity owns, so I was able to
[access] my office computer and say,
'Here's the property that's in that LLC.'"
Not only is the iPad useful for account-
ing tasks and handy for reading books
and news publications, it also is quite
the conversation starter.
"I have met so many people by carry-
ing it with me and reading it at lunch,"
Carolin said. "I went to the doctor and
the nurse said 'Oh, I have one of
those,' and we talked about the apps
we have."
Sour Apple
Despite what Apple idolaters might
say, the iPad has its drawbacks at
least for accountants.
"I wouldn't want to use it on a day-to-
day basis as a regular computer. It's a
little more cumbersome to work [the
iPad] with the mouse," Freedman told
AccountingWEB. "I fully recommend it
as a backup, as a secondary computer,
as a travel piece of equipment. For
travel and going out to clients on a reg-
ular basis, it becomes your computer. I
would imagine that if someone got
skilled enough at it they could use it to
perform audits out in the field."
Freedman added that using the iPad's
virtual keyboard can be a bit problem-
atic as it takes up nearly half of the
device's screen.
Although, the iPad has relegated
Carolin's BlackBerry to just-a-phone
status, she said the Apple device isn't
ready to supplant her computer.
"It won't replace my laptop yet, proba-
bly due to the size of it. I do audits and
tax returns. If I go out to do an audit, I
don't think it will feel right to me just yet
to use it to do Excel spreadsheets,"
Carolin said. "I'm not there yet, but I'm
not ruling it out, either."
Source: AccountingWEB, Reprinted with permission.
Not only is the iPad useful for accounting tasks and handy for reading
books and news publications, it also is quite the conversation starter.
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