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With Apple generating much of the
buzz, global tablet sales could reach
nearly 20 million units by the end of the
year, and nearly 55 million units by the
end of 2012, according to Gartner Inc.,
an information technology research
and advisory firm. In addition to Apple's
iPad, other manufacturers have devel-
oped their own versions of the tablet,
such as BlackBerry's PlayBook, Dell's
Streak, and Toshiba's Journe Touch.
Not without its limitations, the iPad,
which is larger than a mobile phone but
smaller than laptop and netbook com-
puters, has become rather indispensa-
ble for some accountants.
Apple adulation
"I got it because I work here in Arizona
but I have 50 percent or more of my
business on the East Coast back in
Maryland where I originally came
from," said N. Mark Freedman, who
has been a CPA for nearly four
decades. "I had a netbook but it was
too slow. Then the iPad came out and
I started looking into it. For travel pur-
poses, it's phenomenal. It works faster
than any computer I have worked with
in the past."
Freedman works off of a Citrix server
that stores all of his programs; nothing
is stored on any of his computers. He
knew a Citrix application was available
for the iPad and tested it before pur-
chasing the device.
"By loading in that application, [the
iPad] became a PC. I can open up my
Citrix server [in Maryland] and use it to
get to all my programs. I just couldn't
believe I could get my desktop on my
iPad," he said.
What's more, Freedman recently pur-
chased the latest generation iPhone,
which he is able to use as a mouse
when working his iPad.
"I am able to use this thing when I trav-
el. It's so light," Freedman said. "When I
see clients, I pick up my iPad and every-
thing is there. It works wonderfully."
Initially intrigued by the iPhone and
how Apple devices manage data and
information, Kathleen A. Carolin, CPA,
of Scottsdale, AZ-based Kaiser &
Carolin, P.C., purchased an iPad the
day they went on sale.
"I just got done with tax season and
had extra money in my bank account
so I bought a toy I hoped I could justify
buying," Carolin told AccountingWEB.
"I love that little toy."
What she affectionately refers to as a
toy, however, became much more.
"I am using my iPad to take notes at
client meetings. It certainly beats walk-
ing into a client's office and trying to
hook up a laptop, wait for it to boot up,
and then have it block my view of my
clients. The iPad is much more unob-
trusive," Carolin said.
"I am able to get my email on the iPad.
So, unlike my BlackBerry, I can see
attachments in full and living color,"
she said. "I use [my BlackBerry] as a
phone, but that's all I use it for now.
Accounting for Apple's iPad
hat initially might have been viewed as nothing more than a nifty little
attention-grabbing gadget useful for reading electronic books and
mail, mobile Internet-capable computing devices or tablet
computers have become a convenient and practical tool for accountants,
AccountingWEB Assistant Managing Editor Bill Grabarek reports.