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Connecticut CPA
July/August 2017
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and customers. Clients and customers
seek more self-service options that al-
low them to access information, make
decisions, and ask for help only if need-
ed. They want the ability to access that
information about their work with you
immediately and from any device.
Research shows that Gen Z individu-
als are hardly brand loyal and want to
have a more personalized user expe-
rience. Organizations should pay at-
tention to the buying behavior of this
generation now. Find ways to get client
feedback on the types of user experi-
ences they seek, and then brainstorm
ways to accomplish that vision. Involve
your young professionals as part of the
planning and implementation required
to attain that new user experience.
Finding a `Happy Place'
Young CPAs have a fantastic advan-
tage today and plenty of opportunity
to find their "happy place" in public
accounting or in a variety of industries.
Leaders that proactively focus on ways
to better attract and retain this impor-
tant demographic of talent will experi-
ence greater engagement and success
in return.
Pay attention to what motivates your
young talent. They are the answer to
your organization's future growth and
sustainability. Embrace an open and
collaborative environment. Ask people
what they want in their workplace and
for their careers. Find ways to make
their ideas actionable. Provide them
with better productivity tools and your
Next-Gen clients with a better, more
customized user experience.
Begin taking small steps now to achieve
a NextGen-friendly environment for top
talent, clients, and customers. In re-
turn, you'll be rewarded with a stable,
growing workforce filled with highly
motivated and engaged professionals
who seek to lead your organization to-
ward its greatest potential.
Brianna Johnson is a Millennial con-
sultant with ConvergenceCoaching,
a leadership and management con-
sulting and coaching firm that helps
leaders achieve success.
She is a frequent speaker and facili-
tator of topics related to embracing
generational, personality and gen-
der diversity, business development
and marketing, leadership, and per-
sonal development.
She can be reached at brianna@ or 402-
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