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Is Your Organization
By Brianna Johnson
What you need to know to
engage tomorrow's leaders today
It's a great time to be a young CPA! The unemployment rate for finance and accounting
professionals is lower than the national average (3.0% compared to 4.7%). The U.S. Bureau
of Labor Statistics predicts 10.7% growth for accountants and auditors by 2024.
It's an employees' market and young CPAs have options. Whether they wish to work in
public accounting, industry, government, educational institutions, or start their own firms,
opportunities abound.
Because young CPAs are in high de-
mand, firm and organization leaders
must identify areas where their strat-
egy, processes, and culture are not
"NextGen-friendly," and take steps to
make their organizations more attrac-
tive to young CPAs.
NextGen professionals, Millennials
born between 1982-2000 and Gen
Z'ers born after 2000 (who are just be-
ginning to show up in the workplace),
have a unique set of workplace values
and expectations. In this article, we'll
explore two attributes young profes-
sionals value greatly: empowerment
and technology.
Empowering Your People by Giving
Them a True Sense of Ownership
A recent study conducted by Rob-
ert Half found that 68% of profes-
sionals ages 18-34 are "likely to look
for a new job in the next 12 months."
Wow! Young professionals seek a dif-
ferent style of leadership and career
progression than has been histori-
cally offered. They want to build their
skills, gain experience, and make a
difference through their contributions
early on in their careers. Young profes-
sionals want to work for an organiza-
tion that empowers them to achieve
their desired level and rate of profes-
sional growth.
Our young workforce has also been
educated in a glass house system.
Teachers, parents, and students openly
communicated about where a student
met competencies on an academic
learning ladder and where they need-
ed improvement. If a student required
one-on-one learning opportunities,
they were available. If they excelled
in their studies, they were offered op-
portunities to participate in acceler-
ated programs.
With these factors in mind, there are
several ways in which you can empow-
er your young professionals to achieve
what they most desire for their careers
in a way that benefits your organiza-
tion, too. Let's explore them further: