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SB 1, Family and Medical Leave:
Creates a new paid family/medical
leave mandate that applies to busi-
nesses and municipalities, but not the
SB 611, Charging Unemployment
Benefits: Prohibits charging unem-
ployment benefits to a fired employee
who subsequently became employed
SB 747, Prohibiting `On-Call' Shift
Scheduling for Employees: Requires
employers to post employee sched-
ules 24 hours ahead of time or face
possible disciplinary action from the
Department of Labor.
SB 929, Whistleblower: Adds puni-
tive and future economic damages
to the penalties a whistleblower can
seek. Expands from 90 to 120 days
the time period employees have to
sue their employer under the whistle-
blower statutes.
HB 5210, Pay Equity: Prohibits em-
ployers from asking about wage/sal-
ary history for prospective employees;
requires individuals be paid equally for
work paid under "comparable" condi-
HB 6212, Paid Family and Medical
Leave: Establishes a new paid family/
medical leave mandate that applies to
businesses and municipalities but not
the state.
HB 6219, Community Reentry for
Previously Incarcerated Individuals:
Provides incentives to employers for
hiring previously incarcerated individu-
Awaits action by the Governor.
HB 6461, Unemployment Compen-
sation: Makes four unemployment
changes to help restore solvency to the
state unemployment trust fund.
HB 6519, Employer Credit Inquiries:
Eliminates the ability of certain busi-
nesses to use credit checks for pro-
spective employees who would po-
tentially have access to nonfinancial
HB 6666, Workers' Compensation
Exclusive Remedy: Eliminates the
exclusive remedy in workers' compen-
sation cases where a plaintiff clams
undue delay in receiving medical
HB 6668, Pregnant Women in the
Workplace: Requires employers of 3
or more employees to provide reason-
able accommodations for pregnant
employees or applicants, unless the
accommodation would be an undue
Awaits action by the
HB 7085, Credit Card Transactions
and Gratuities: Prohibits deductions
for credit card processing fees on the
gratuity of a restaurant check.
HB 7132, Worker's Compensation:
Requires an employee to send notice
of a worker's compensation claim to
the individual specified in the employ-
er's notice of worker's compensation
claim policy (if employer posts such
a notice). The 28-day period to con-
test a claim will not start running until
the proper person receives the claim.
Awaits action by the Governor.
Legislative Session Wrap-Up
SB 818, Suspension of Civil Penal-
ties by DEEP: Requires Department of
Energy and Environmental Protection to
suspend any civil penalty levied against
a business for a first-time, minor, unin-
tentional offense of any regulatory pro-
visions if corrective action is taken by
the offender within 30 days.
HB 7063, Information Included in
Proposed Regulations: Requires pro-
posed regulations to include a plain
language summary of the regulation.
SB 4, Municipal Electric Utility Co-
operatives: Intends to increase public
awareness and provide transparency re-
garding municipal electric energy coop-
eratives, in part by requiring a forensic
examination on a regular basis. Some of
the terms used in the forensic examina-
tion section are not appropriate and the
CTCPA will be seeking modifications.
Awaits action by the Governor.
SJ 5, Amendment to the State Con-
stitution Regarding the Special
Transportation Fund: Proposes a
constitutional lockbox for the special
transportation fund.
HJ 41, Amendment to the State
Constitution Limiting Use of Special
Transportation Fund Money: Pro-
poses a constitutional lockbox for the
special transportation fund.
HJ 100, Amendment to the State
Constitution to Protect Transporta-
tion Funds: Proposes a constitutional
lockbox for the special transportation
Awaits action by the Governor.
HB 7054, Roadways: Requires the
Department of Transportation to study
issues related to state roadways.
Regulatory Reform
Forensic Accounting
Business Liability
SB 442, Antitrust: Amends state an-
titrust laws to clarify certain enforce-
ment provisions.
Human Resources
We have begun tracking, addressing, and/or reporting on a number of additional state legislative items that members
told us are relevant to their work, including regulatory reform, transportation, human resources, and business liability
(we are working with the American Tort Reform Association on these matters, as well).