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The legislature remained at an im-
passe at the end of its regular session
on June 7 and was unable to adopt a
biannual budget to address the state's
$5.1 billion budget deficit over the next
two years. At press time, legislators
have called themselves into special
session with a goal to adopt a budget
by June 30, although it looks unlikely
that a budget will be adopted by then.
As the legislature confronts the reality
of this budgetary situation, spending
or tax measures that have never been
heard in committee may be introduced
and voted on with almost no notice.
Our major issue of concern during
the special session is a potential in-
crease in professional license fees.
The House and Senate Democratic
caucuses' budget proposal included
across-the-board license fee increas-
es. We have been actively speaking
with legislators to make them aware of
how this proposal would put an unfair
burden on Connecticut CPAs:
Connecticut CPAs pay the highest
license fee in the country this fee
is 2.8 times the next highest fee and
six times the national average.
The current CPA license fee covers
the cost of the administration of
the Connecticut State Board of
Accountancy several times over.
Please be on the lookout for email
alerts and read the latest updates at It is im-
perative that you contact to your leg-
islators as quickly as possible to help
stop problematic proposals during the
special session. Constituent outreach
has a major impact in today's political
This legislative session was a success for accountants. Our advocacy efforts
successfully addressed several proposed bills of importance to the profession.
Government Relations Consultant Craig
Leroy is our "boots on the ground" each
day at the Capitol, carefully tracking pro-
posed bills and alerting us when issues
arise that may affect the accounting pro-
fession. When a proposal requires our
attention, Bonnie immediately heads to
Hartford to begin discussions with key
legislators and staff.
Many of you asked us to keep you informed on issues that matter most to you
at the Capitol, so one of our new initiatives this year was to provide you with up-
dates throughout the session on our Capitol Corner webpage (
capitolcorner) and via email advisories and alerts.
Several times during the session we asked you to contact your legislators and
tell them how proposed bills would affect your profession, your company, or your
clients. In each case, our clear and immediate outreach was highly effective. We
spoke and they listened!
See details about the status of each of the bills and proposals we addressed this
session in this tear-out guide. You'll see them highlighted in blue boxes. We've
also included the status of several other bills relevant to the profession.
The State of Connecticut faces significant fiscal challenges. This comes as no
surprise, as the state's looming budget deficits and falling revenues have ap-
peared in the news nearly every day for months. Combine this fiscal crisis with a
state political environment drastically different than the state has ever seen, and
it means everyone needs to beware.
We'll continue to advocate on your behalf during the budget special session (see
more in the sidebar at right). It's imperative that we remain vigilant to protect the
profession now and in the future. Anything can happen as legislators explore any
and all spending and revenue measures possible to address the state's fiscal
Thank you for your support as we work to serve and protect the accounting pro-
fession in these unprecedented times.
Legislative Session Wrap-Up
Amid a Tumultuous Legislative Season,
Several Victories for Connecticut CPAs
License Fee Increase a
Major Concern in
Special Budget Session
Bonnie Stewart
Executive Director
Craig Leroy
Roy & Leroy
Connecticut CPA
July/August 2017
See details about the status
of the bills and proposals
we addressed this session in
this tear-out guide. You'll see
them highlighted in blue boxes.