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Connecticut CPA
July/August 2016
Post University recently
hosted a "GOAL: CPA!" in-
formational session to pro-
vide advice and assistance
to students and working
professionals at all career
stages who are pursuing or
interested in pursuing the
CPA designation.
The program was open to Post University students and
alumni, local community college accounting majors, work-
ing professionals at CPA firms around the state, the CTCPA
New and Young Professionals group, and anyone interested
in learning more about becoming a Connecticut CPA.
Connecticut State Board of Accountancy Legal Counsel
Sonia Worrell Asare, Esq. and License and Application
Analyst Stephanie Sheff explained the road to Connecticut
CPA licensure. [Editor's Note: please see page 4 for informa-
tion on the state's new budget that has relocated the State
Board of Accountancy from the Office of the Secretary of
the State to the Department of Consumer Protection, with-
out staff, as of July 1, 2016.]
CTCPA Public Affairs Director Mark Zampino shared insight
into a successful career in the CPA profession, the benefits
of CTCPA membership, and "true networking," and Becker
Professional Education's Greg Cusson gave tips on how to
successfully sit for the CPA Exam and exam changes com-
ing in 2017.
David M. Zieff, managing principal of Friedberg, Smith &
Company in Bridgeport, was honored by the United Way
of Coastal Fairfield County at their 2016 LIVE UNITED Cel-
ebration with the Norman Leeds Giving Back to the Com-
munity Award Tocqueville Level Giving and Engagement.
"David is one of those behind-the-scenes leaders that
United Way cherishes deeply," said LIVE UNITED Celebra-
tion emcee Sam Tingley Jr., United Way of Coastal Fairfield
County's board vice chair and incoming board chair for the
2016-17 year.
"As managing principal of Friedberg, Smith, & Company,
David and his firm constantly call forth the absolute best
in their clients, especially those in the nonprofit sector,"
Tingley said. "We know that first hand. But David is much
more than an exceptional CPA. His mentor once told him
that he had an obligation to be involved with his community
and to make a difference. He did just that when he served his
country and continues to be involved through United Way."
In his acceptance remarks, David told the audience, "In New
York City where I grew up and started my career, because it
was so large and impersonal, it was easy to not get involved
in the community. When I arrived in Bridgeport, I learned
that it was different. Bridgeport is a caring community and
everyone needs to get involved to keep it that way.
"My mentor, Henry Katz, advised me that when you live in
a community like Bridgeport, you are both responsible for
and have an obligation to get involved and support that
community to, in some small way, make a difference. To this
day, I carry that sentiment with me. I strongly believe that by
supporting United Way and the organizations it supports, I
am part of that difference," David said.
Post University Hosts `GOAL: CPA!' Informational Program
David Zieff Honored by United Way of Coastal Fairfield County
David M. Zieff (center) accepts the 2016 United Way of Coastal Fairfield
County's Norman Leeds Giving Back to the Community Award
Tocqueville Level Giving and Engagement from Merle Berke-Schlessel, Esq.,
United Way of Coastal Fairfield County president and CEO and
Robert J. Trefry, United Way of Coastal Fairfield County 2015-16 board
chair and 2016-17 board vice chair.
Sonia Worrell Asare
Stephanie Sheff
Greg Cusson
CTCPA's Mark Zampino speaks about "true networking" at Post University's "GOAL: CPA!" program.