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Connecticut CPA
July/August 2016
New College Accounting Scholarships Awarded
Educational Trust Fund trustees presented the first installment of the fund's new awards slate. While some scholarship
programs have been discontinued, many new high-dollar awards have been introduced to help ensure that awards given
are meaningful and match the financial environment in which students now operate.
Recipients of this scholarship may renew the award for an additional $5,000 when going
from their junior to senior year in college, for a potential total of $10,000 over the lifetime
of this scholarship. At least one Rising Junior Scholarship is designated annually for a
community college student transferring to a four-year college or university.
This $5,000 scholarship is
awarded to one college junior
entering his or her senior year.
This $1,500 scholarship is
awarded to four college
freshmen entering their
sophomore year.
This $5,000 scholarship is awarded to
three college sophomores entering
their junior year.
The Rising
The Rising
The Rising
Louis Santa Barbara Post University
Louis, an active CTCPA student member, served as a featured
speaker during the program. He is pictured accepting his schol-
arship from Educational Trust Fund Chair Matt Piechota.
Rising Junior Scholarship recipient Francine Muanda-Nzuzi was joined at the re-
ception by her parents, who won the honors for "farthest distance travelled" from
their home in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Francine plans to attend Post
University in the fall.
Timothy Kelly
Sacred Heart
Anthony Fugnitti
Sacred Heart
Caitlyn Kaufman
University of
Michelle Costa
University of
Francine Muanda-Nzuzi
Naugatuck Valley
Community College
Joshua Goldstein
Jacob Theroux
"I moved to Connecticut from the Democratic Republic
of the Congo four years ago. As an immigrant, I cherish
the opportunities that living in this country offers to me.
Gifts such as the Rising Junior Scholarship do not only
have monetary value, they inspire me to enjoy giving back
to the community and promote excellence."
Rising Junior Scholarship recipient Francine Muanda-Nzuzi